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Hope's Handcrafted was first established in 2006 when Hope realized she had a strong interest in jewelry. Being from a low income family, there were very few options for great looking costume jewelry on a budget, so she decided to try making her own. 

After saving up what she could for several months, Hope went out to a local craft store and bought several "starter kits" to learn how to make jewelry. Many of the first attempts looked like failed science experiments, but in time, after lots of practice and studying, she finally had an inventory of professionally made pieces ready to sell. 

Over the last decade, Hope has worked constantly to learn new techniques, source high quality materials, and also to learn how to run a small business. Fast forward to today, Hope's Handcrafted is a well known name at many local craft fairs, including the very popular Indie Garage Sale that is held a couple times a year in the Utica, NY area. 

Presently, Hope's Handcrafted offers a wide variety of costume jewelry and accessories like the ever popular jewelry scarves, while also offering custom orders for various events such as weddings, game/anime conventions, prom nights, and more. 

If you'd like to request a custom order, just send us a message and we'll get right back to you!